Sales Service

All R&W Industrial Group products are made from the finest quality leather and standard soles. R&W Industrial Group product warranty for six months from date of purchase includes:

  1. Any splitting of stitches without touching sharp objects,
  2. Surface and sole adhesive ruptures 3. Fractures of soles while walking.

A purchase invoice is required to use the warranty conditions. (Please make sure the purchase invoice is maintained properly until the end of the warranty period) Note: Any damage to the shoe due to negligence does not include a warranty. The following does not include a warranty:

  1. Washing or direct contact with water for a long time and moldiness,
  2. Pouring chemicals and solvents such as perfume and cologne onto shoes,
  3. Cutting, scratching and tearing due to contact with sharp objects or hard objects,
  4. Use of inappropriate and unauthorized leather waxes and preservatives.

Shoe maintenance and shelf life guide:

  1. Do not dry wet shoes under sunlight or other forms of heat. This can dry out and crack the leather of the shoe, and the shoe may lose its shape. Dry by placing some newspaper inside the shoe at room temperature.
  2. Do not use detergents to clean your shoes (insole and outer-sole). Because it causes the leather to rot and change its color.
  3. Remove dirt and dust with a sponge or cotton cloth.
  4. Avoid shedding chemicals and solvents such as perfume and cologne on your shoes.
  5. Make sure to use standard shoe waxes.
  6. Extra wax should not be left on the leather because the pores are closed and cause damage to the skin and perspiration of the foot.

7. After using leather shoes, put in a special mold so that it does not lose its shape

Attention: R&W Industrial Group recommends R&W wax that is suitable for leather and made from standard raw materials to protect your leather shoes.