R&W Industrial Group was established in the city of Tehran in 1990 with a small production of women’s shoes and with a staff of about 8 people capable of producing 60 pairs of shoes daily and today with the help of Almighty God and the incessant work and benefitting from the latest technology is able to produce 800 pairs of shoes daily with a staff of more than 150 people.

This industrial group using the latest technology, high quality standard materials, natural leather on the surface and liners and in the outer part in its products, with the PP, TPU standards, and uses thermo and rubber soles and all molds using the latest technology and standards fit all the various physiognomy of feet around the globe.

From the perspective of R&W footwear manufacturers, the motto ((beautiful, comfortable, and assured)) is the slogan that has become synonymous with its production, to give Iranian production, an Iranian honor a practical meaning.


درباره کفش R&W

Among the most important products of R&W Industrial Group are women’s leather shoes and footwear raw materials. Undoubtedly, what makes the product of a company or an industrial group successful and presents it as a brand for customers is quality, and this is the most important feature of R&W Industrial Group products. The R&W Industrial Group started its operations with 6 workforce and now employs approximately 160 people in various categories directly.

Most consumers pay attention to modernity and the standards in the design of the shoes. What we need to know about R&W products is that the products of this industrial group are standard and competitive with reputable foreign brands and that the best quality raw materials are used in its production, and prices are affordable. One of the features of popular products in the market is their sales services.

In addition to the convenience and beauty of the R&W industry, the after-sales service is parallel with those of world-class standards. R&W Industrial Group believes that any manufacturer can achieve good standing with customers in domestic and foreign markets through customer-oriented, good quality goods, after-sales service and customer satisfaction.

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